The Latest Think Bold Collection, Available Now!

🙌 Truly for the bold, we here at Insta360 have a line of exclusive peripherals, so you can capture your next adventure in style.

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Insta360 Gift Bag A

For those of you who love skiing 🎿, remember that exhilarating moment when you went full send down the snowy slopes...
For those of you who enjoy wingsuit flying, imagine that bold leap you take at high altitudes...
And for those of you who are passionate about motorcycle riding đŸïž, imagine the thrill of cruising on the open road, feeling the wind against your face... Unleash your inner rebel and capture the wonders of life boldly!

Fearless Stickers
Whether you're leisurely surfing the waves or enjoying a memorable camping trip, every moment is worth sharing in the Insta360 community. Let others witness your most exciting highlights! Be fearless and share whatever comes to your mind! Stick these awesome stickers anywhere!

Mobile Phone Holder
Exclusively co-branded from one of Insta360's community legends, always going viral with his signature Nose Mode videos. Celebrate Paul and "Bee Free" with this limited-edition item.

Insta360 Gift Bag B

(Gift Bag B contains 6 redeemable items)

It will be launched soon, so stay tuned, keep the eye on the forum announcement !

The Think Bold Tee
Rep the Think Bold lifestyle with a tee that expresses how breaking boundaries and pushing to new heights is something to be celebrated.

The Think Bold Sticker Series
Classic Insta360 product series, logos, accessories, and more combined with the Think Bold identity. Great for your laptop, suitcase, or collage.

A true pro-level frisbee from Insta360. Pick from our colorful surf or black and gray pure sport editions. Weighing in at 175g, it feels good in the hand, flexible and easy to use, perfect for your next trip to the park or a round of disc golf.

Wait... There have more!

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So what's all this about "Think Bold."? Story time, my friends:

Think Bold Stories from the Insta360 Community

"Maybe there's only a one in a million chance of making it, but I can be that one in a million". Need a burst of inspiration? Read on to hear the stories of these bold thinkers!

Evan Lalanne (👈 Click to view the full story)
Evan accidentally fell from a 12-meter cliff. His lower body was severely injured and permanently paralyzed, and his life has undergone earth-shaking changes. Movement that was simple before being paralyzed became impossible. That didn’t stop Evan. He rejected the limitations life had dealt him and returned to a normal life through a self-made wheelchair. By taking command of his own body, the wheelchair replaced his legs and became a part of his body. He then devoted himself to skateboarding and skiing again, recording it all on an Insta360 camera.

"You can't do it, you can't violate the laws of physics"

Hunter Kowald (👈 Click to view the full story)
Hunter, like many, had the dream to fly. Unlike many, he made it a reality. Despite being told time and time again that his vision was impossible, he built his own “SkySurfer”. He literally surfs on the top of his self-made drone, giving his access to the sky. During his darkest hours, he thought to give up but his doubts were overcome when he found resolve, crafting among the most unique methods of locomotion. This culminated in his flight through Times Square, recorded of course with his Insta360 camera. The world watched in awe.

"Life is about making your dreams come true."

Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan (👈 Click to view the full story)
From Star Wars-like fantasy to full-time obsession, Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan created Jetson. Bringing innovative design to life, Jetson's main goal is to make flying accessible to everyone, showing people how fun and exciting flying can be. In the future, their bold ideas may take all of us to new heights, allowing each of us to shoot epic shots with our Insta360 cameras from the skies.

Nathan Paulin (👈 Click to view the full story)
Multiple world record holder Nathan Paulin has been highlining since the 2010s. Paulin was hooked on the sport from a young age when a friend introduced him to slacklining at 17. This involves starting with a tightrope loosely off the ground, as to get a feeling for balance, usually between two trees or something similar. In May, Paulin beat the world record for the longest highline, completing a 2,200-meter-long (nearly 1.4-mile) trek at Mont-Saint-Michel, a UNESCO world heritage site in France. To document the record-breaking feat, Paulin took the Insta360 X3 for a spin and captured heart-stopping views from 100 meters high.

Want to create some bold content?
Try out these creative effects:

Sky Swap (👈 Click to get more info)
Want to have the same starry sky as Van Gogh? You’ve seen it going viral. Now try it for yourself with Shot Lab in the Insta360 app.

Nose Mode (👈 Click to get more info)
Hold your Insta360 in your mouth and get hilarious Nose Mode shots with ease. You're pretty much guaranteed to blow up your feed with this one.

Ready to think bold? The only thing stopping you is your creative limits. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got.