Winter Creativity Contest - The Winners

Thank you for participating in the Winter Creativity Contest! 🙌

Compared to the summer contest, this time we not only granted more prizes, but also doubled the prize money. The highest award is now a $1000 Insta360 Store voucher!

You can continue to participate in the ongoing Insta360 Awards competition to earn cash awards.

21 winners were selected. Here they are:

Grand Prize - $1000 Store Voucher

(1 winner)

Georgia 2020

@Edgars Sparans

Second Prize - $500 Store Voucher

(2 winners)

Insta360 ONE X2 epic skiing

@Erwin Trummer


@Sean Ozz

Third Prize - $200 Store Voucher

(3 winners)


@Schallenberg Matthäus

Sunset Speedflight

@Hamish Brissett

Paragliding / Skimo

@Camille Lambrecq

Nominated Entries - $100 Store Voucher

(15 winners)

Wingsuit Rodeo

@Francisco Sepulveda

Look around in the height

@Tomas Eugen

Winter Ride in the Deserts of Nevada

@Joseph Montesa

Carving & Powder

@誠 長谷川



Snowskate fun with Josi, Juri & Tim

@Klöpfel Tim

Tobogganing with my Little one

@John Baguio

Skiing in aperture day in Valdesquí

@Eduardo Martínez Bernardo



Action Go Time!

@Kanji Christian


@望月 充

One X Cross Antarctica Continent 穿越南极大陆

@Yu Zhang

First Aerobatic flight

@Kristian Keppel



Snowboarding with Dog!

@Malcolm Moore

Congratulations to the winners! 👏👏

The winners have been contacted by email and the prizes awarded.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Insta360 Team via email:

We want to thank everyone here for your effort and passion for creating great content!

We hope you enjoyed the contest, and you can participate in the ongoing Insta360 Awards competition to earn more cash awards.

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