Trick - Light Painting Shot

What you’ll need: An Insta360 ONE X/ Insta360 ONE, a Tripod, some steel wool, a lighter and a whisk.

Shooting Scene: Outside at night. You’ll need plenty of space.


① Connect your camera to your phone via Bluetooth, and then set these photo parameters:

In Bluetooth photo mode, set the camera mode to manual->adjust the exposure time to 5 secs or 10 >set the ISO to 100->select the 10s timer.

② Prepare your shooting equipment

Stuff the steel wool inside your whisk and attach your camera to the tripod. Next, put the camera in the center of your scene, then, walk roughly 2 meters away from the camera. Tap the shutter button on your phone to start taking a timed photo. Ignite the steel wool and get swinging!

③ Adjust viewing angles to get the best effect!

After shooting, connect the camera to your phone. Then open the ONE X/ ONE App, select what you have just shot and adjust the viewing angle to get an awesome effect. Afterwards, tap “Screenshot” to save your work.

Here’s a little inspiration from the Insta360 community:

@Rod Evans, see Instagram for more


1. Attention: Please wear long sleeves and a hat to prevent the sparks from burning you. Play safe!

2. It is recommended to use the 3rd party software to adjust color balance, then you’ll get an even better effect!

How to Participate

I. Where to participate.

1. Participate in Insta 360 app: Tap "Explore" -- Tap the yellow "+" button -- Select your submission -- Add tag #LightPainting and share!

2. Participate on the Community Forum: Alternatively, create a post with #LightPainting in the title on Insta360 Community Forum - Creator Shots board.

II. What you will win.

The best entries will be featured on the Insta360 app and Community Forum for users around the world. Insta360 Gold will also be rewarded. Get creative!