Win up to $2000 in Insta360's AI Warp Contest!

Got a custom prompt or an AI Warp that just slammed? Submit it, and win up to $2000!

Insta360 newly launched AI Warp gets you insane, reality-bending effects into your shots!
Have you tried it yet? It's available now in Shot Lab with your Insta360 footage.

How to Participate

Submission Requirements:Footage requirement: Must have used "AI Warp" in the submitted clip.

Path Guide: Insta360 App → "Edit" → "AI Shot Lab" → "AI Warp".

Tutorial Guide: You can click here for a more detailed tutorial on using AI Warp!

Submitting Footage: Click here for one-step submission.

🏆 A chance to win up to $2000, two opportunities every month!

Event Duration: Starting from today, this is an ongoing event with bonuses awarded every two weeks! Sheesh!

  1. Grand Prize: $2000 cash
  2. Star Prize: $150 cash
  3. Rising Potential Prize: $50 store voucher (accumulate 4 Potential Prizes to exchange for $150 cash!)
  4. Special Point Rewards:

(1) Create using a "Custom Prompt" and share your prompt content to earn 200 Gold.

(2) Share your work on Insta360 App and social media (Instagram/TikTok etc.) with the #Insta360AIWarp tag to earn 200 Gold.

Submission Method: Click here to submit your content!

🔥 Increase Your Chances of Winning

  1. Create videos using "Custom Prompts" for better quality effects.
  2. When submitting, include the "Custom Prompt" used in your creation to automatically earn 200 Gold.

Easily create high-quality AI videos with custom prompts:

  1. Path: Insta360 App → "Edit" → "AI Shot Lab" → "AI Warp".
  2. In the style options, click on "Custom" → Enter prompt phrases or style keywords.
  3. Create your personalized AI video!

When making AI scenes using prompts, the key is to describe the desired visuals in detail and specificity:

  1. Tone: Quality, atmosphere, etc.
  2. Scene Elements: Characters, ground, sky, etc.
  3. Visual Style: Visual effects, lighting, artistic style, etc.
  4. Image Details: Emphasize specific elements or details in the scene.

🌟Let's see the magic a good prompt can create!

original shot:

Prompt Example 1 - Cosmic Trails:

  1. Scene's Tone: Deep space blues light up the background.
  2. Scene Elements: A cosmic skier soaring down an asteroid belt, stardust trails blazing behind.
  3. Visual Style: Space-age,smooth animation effects.
  4. Image Details: Stars and auroras in the background

Prompt Example 2 - Intergalactic Fire:

1. Scene Elements: An intergalactic skier navigates a space landscape, bright and fiery orange with red cosmic dust around.

2. Image Details: A vibrant trail and star-speckled background is seen.

Prompt Example 3 - Moonlit Shadows:

Scene description:A ninja snowboarder stealthily jumps between shadowy bamboo forests,ink-washed painting themes come to life with splashes of moonlight.

Prompt Example 4 - Desert Fallout:

Scene description:A skier dressed for fallout navigates the Saharan desert, dressed with full sandstorm ready gear, with a dusty background and vultures above.

Click here to view a more detailed tutorial on using the AI Warp!

Click here to submit your AI creation and win cash prizes!

Important Notes:

  1. Submissions must include footage shot with an Insta360 camera.
  2. You are free to interpret your work in your own way; creativity will be a key factor in the evaluation.
  3. There is no limit to the number of entries per contestant, but the number of vouchers per person is unrestricted.
  4. Contestants must ensure that their work is original and does not infringe on any rights, including music and images. Submissions with false information or infringement will be disqualified and may bear legal responsibility.
  5. Entries must not contain any pornographic, violent content, or anything against local laws.
  6. By submitting your work, you grant Insta360 a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to use your work, including reproduction, editing, modification, publishing, and display, as well as to create and use derivative works, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Your work might be showcased globally via Insta360’s platforms.
  7. Winners will be notified via email within 10 business days after the announcement. Please ensure your email address is valid.
  8. Vouchers are only valid at the Insta360 Official Store ( For specific rules, consult the store's customer service.
  9. For any queries regarding the event, please email